About Red Lab No. 27

In the past I thought about starting a blog but never knew what to write about.  Recently that changed.  Last year I began a new job and now work in a city that has a great little downtown area.  Amongst the cute boutique shops I stumbled upon the public library.  The building is old, has great architecture, and the inside is beautiful.    It’s like a Barnes & Noble escape during lunch time but with better chairs.  I’m talking big leather chairs (with ottomans!) and plenty.  There’s even a Quiet Room that has 2 big red leather couches and a fireplace.  I’ve never been to a library like this before. 

Then I found the cookbook section.  AMAZING.  I love finding recipes online, but there’s something about using cookbooks that’s fun, especially when they have pictures that make your mouth water.  So I checked out a bunch of books (there’s no limit!) and decided that I would write about my experiences making new dishes. 

I know one thing.  I like to cook and there’s nothing more rewarding then having someone enjoy what you made for them.  I make a mean Lasagna and I will never forget when my husband told me that it was the best lasagna he’d ever had.  Not just once but multiple times.  When we were at Olive Garden one night he ordered their lasagna and told me mine was better!  Score!!! That’s what makes cooking rewarding.  But please note that I didn’t create my Lasagna recipe, I just perfected the art of making it, all the credit is due to KittenCalsKitchen on Food.com.  

Beyond cooking I like crafty things as well so you’ll see some of this intermixed into the blog as well.  I used to make cards for my husband when we first started dating.  I haven’t done that in a long time and every now and then I find them tucked away in drawers and I think… I made that?  With this blog I hope to get back in touch with my creative side and feel inspired. 

In looking at other cooking blogs I’ve already begun to feel inspired.  Hopefully you’ll join me along the way for my experiments.  Some will be good and others not so much as I’ve definitely made mistakes in the kitchen.  Don’t worry I’ll share all of these with you.  For now my goal is to post once a week.  There could be more, but for now I’ll start with one.  Please feel free to comment on my posts if there’s anything you’d like to share and let me know how the recipes turn out for you.  

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